About Us

In an age of rocket scientists, computer geeks, brain surgeons and billionaires, how does one make it their goal to improve the archaic personal hygiene routine known as wiping?Carefully and with a true passion for cleanliness.According to Stephen Markham, MB3 founder:

“What really started the ball rolling for me was having kids—specifically the constant use of baby wipes. They were good enough for the kids, so I gave them a shot myself. Though not terribly excited about their bulkiness, I was thrilled with results. As time wore on, however, and flushing wipes began to wreak havoc on our septic tank, it was time to rethink the process.

I started experimenting with different lotions and liquid soaps, finding they either did not work well, or burned—in a toxic way—the area of application. Not good. I finally stumbled upon and settled on what I believed to be the Holy Grail.

Hair conditioner.

It was an effective solution to the job at hand, and did not decompose the toilet paper upon contact the way water, spit, and sprays do.

I did this for years. I repackaged some into smaller used bottles for camping and work. For a time, I was happy.

Somewhere along the way I started to become more ingredient aware. Hearing about certain products linked to birth deficiencies, diseases and other treacherous ailments, I decided the conditioner had to go. The ingredients were downright scary when I actually investigated”.

Back to the drawing board.TESTING. TESTING. #1 #2…
Around this same time, I learned of other products currently on the market for use with toilet paper. I bought and tried them all, researched the ingredients, kept charts and such, and put my personal “assets” into trial mode.I tried some sprays, and while they worked, they felt antiseptical at best. They also failed to prove “toilet paper friendly,” disintegrating on contact and leaving small rolled pieces of dirty toilet paper behind. Yech!Have hair there? Double whammy.

I found an all natural product on the market, and while I was smitten with the green concept of it all, it was a torturous experience for me.

Then there are the wipes. Staple of the industry. I still carry some, but hardly ever use them. They are good for your hands and face, depending on the particular product, and good for a single shot each, unless, of course, you are a good folder.MINI BIDET OR THE HIGHWAY: THE NAME GAME
Truth be told, back in June of 2005 when I started this business, I wanted to call the product “Mini Bidet” in the worst way. It made sense to me and had a clear message. Over time, I came to the conclusion that something different might be more discreet, brand worthy and trendy, and finally conceded to this notion.I decided on the brand name MB3—still capitalizing on my beloved Mini Bidet in the first two initials. As for the number 3, it rhymes with B and after number 2, naturally comes the number 3.MB3, that is!WE SHINE WHERE THE SUN DON’T
MB3 was produced in an effort to reduce the more toxic ingredients found in other personal hygiene products, use natural elements for their intended purpose (other than having the name on the ingredient list for popularity), and deliver useful economy with convenience.We worked with a formulation firm to develop the proprietary formula, and we were able to proudly eliminate the use of:

  • Formaldehydes
  • Parabens
  • Phtalates
  • Alkyphenols
  • Fragrance
  • Artificial coloring

And no animal testing was involved!
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