Toilet Paper Lotion

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If Experiencing Anal Discomfort, Dryness or Sensitivity make MB3 your final wipe.

A drop of MB3 on your toilet paper will ease your irritation and provide anal comfort.

You can make your toilet paper more hygienic with MB3 soothing cleansing lotion.

One bottle will keep you clean and confident with the potential of over 100 uses!

Convenient, portable and naturally made, MB3 is your best care for your derriere.

MB3 is your Toilet Paper Lotion providing gentle relief for your sensitive areas.

Toilet Paper Lotion

Hygienic cleansing is taking care of your behind after bathroom use. MB3 is specifically designed to take special care of your derriere when you are dry or chaffed from anal irritants. Safe, naturally made and effective, MB3 should be in every bathroom in your life, to ease your movements and cleanse your peri-anal area.